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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the recommended dosage for Co-Immune?
    To optimise absorption Co-Immune should be taken with high-fat food or drinks such as milk. For prevention or mild infections: Adults 2 (two) capsules twice daily Children 1 (one) capsule twice daily. For acute or serious infections: Adults 4 - 6 (four to six) capsules 3 – 4 (three to four) times daily. For children a reduced dose is recommended, depending on their weight. Less than 45kg, 2 – 4 (two to four) capsules 3 (three) times daily. Less than 15kg, 1 – 2 (one to two) capsules 3 (three) times daily. A 7-day course of treatment is usually sufficient for most severe infections.
  • Why is it important to take Co-Immune together with high-fat food or drinks such as milk?
    Taking Co-immune with high-fat food (nuts, coconut oil, meat) or drinks such as milk optimises the absorption into the body.
  • What are the health benefits of using Co-Immune?
    Co-Immune boosts immunity and energy. It is traditionally used for colds and flu, cough and to ward against infections. Co-Immune combines the benefits of both Artemesia Annua and African Ginger. Artemesia annua is traditionally used for parasites, including bilharzia, brucellosis and malaria. Artemeisa annua, a Chinese plant, has been used for over 2000 years to treat malaria and fevers. Conventional pharmaceuticals for malaria, such as Coartem, are made from the artemesia annua plant and named after the artemesia annua plant from which it is made. The advantage of using the whole plant herbal preparation in Co-Immune one benefits from numerous other compounds which work together to destroy the malaria parasite which reduces the risk of resistance. Read the article To further strengthen the action of Co-Immune, African Ginger is traditionally used for colds and flu, cough, and to ward against infection. African Ginger is traditionally also used for malaria. By combining Artemesia Annua and African Ginger in Co-Immune is a powerful combination herbal constituents compounds which work together. Plants contain numerous compounds so can often treat more than one illness. Many patients report additional unexpected benefits from taking Co-Immune long term. It has helped with a wide variety of health problems including piles, tumours, eye infections and mouth ulcers.
  • Can Co-Immune be taken long term?
    Co-Immune can safely be taken long term. Co-Immune contains only the plants Artemisia annua and African ginger. It is 100% natural without any added preservatives, colourants or binders.
  • Are there any side-effects?
    None of our clients have reported any side-effects of Co-Immune. In the medical research documenting the effectiveness of Artemisia Annua, on rare occasions people experience mild and temporary abdominal discomfort. Unlike whole-plant herbal preparations of Artemisia Annua as used in Co-Immune, the pharmaceutical compound artemisinin used in prescription drugs for malaria, has side-effects and should be used only with medical supervision. There are no reported side-effects of herbal African ginger in the scientific literature.
  • Is it safe to take Co-Immune during pregnancy?
    There is no scientific evidence to suggest to that herbal medicines such as Artemesia Annua and African Ginger are harmful during pregnancy. It is always advisable to consult health professional knowledgeable about natural medicines for advice about what to take during pregnancy.
  • My child cannot swallow capsules yet, what can I do?"
    Co-Immune capsules can be opened and the contents emptied into an appealing, strong tasting food to disguise the taste. Children can learn to swallow capsules at a young age. It is best to start practicing a few weeks before they will need to take the capsules, By practicing ahead of time, when those moments arrive where they need to be able to swallow a capsule, they (and you) will be prepared and relaxed. Read the article
  • What is African Ginger?
    African ginger (Siphonochilus Aethiopicus) is a popular South African medicinal plant. It is so effective that it has been harvested in the wild to the point that it is now virtually extinct in many parts of South Africa. The African ginger in Co-Immune is sustainably grown by a community project in rural Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa. See articles and link below to more info about African Ginger and its benefits. Read the article
  • What is the difference between Artemesia Annua and Artemesia Afra (African Wormwood, Wildeals)?"
    There is a vast amount of medical research demonstrating the effectiveness of Artemisia Annua in malaria. Artemisia Annua is a Chinese plant containing numerous antimalarial compounds, including artemisinin. Artemisinin can be extracted from the plant and used to produce conventional pharmaceuticals (such as Co-Artem) which used to treat malaria. Artemisia Afra is an African medicinal plant. It does not contain the compound artemisinin , although it may still have a role in malaria and other health conditions. Read the article
  • Can Co-Immune be given to animals?
    Co-immune is safe in animals. Artemisia Annua is traditionally used for parasitic infections in animals, which is where its common name Wormwood comes from. Both Artemisia Annua and African Ginger are widely used to treat African horse sickness.
  • What is Malaria?
    Malaria is an illness caused by a variety of parasites transmitted by the anopheles mosquito. The parasite infects the human red blood cells and causes a variety of non-specific malaria symptoms, including fever, sweating, headache, diarrhoea, vomiting and other flu-like symptoms including generalised body pains. If undiagnosed or incorrectly treated it can cause coma and even death. There are many natural therapies available and Artemesia Annua has been used for millennia in Asia to treat malaria. Modern scientific research has confirmed Artemesia Annua’s effectiveness which is why the most effective pharmaceutical antimalarial drugs are prepared from the Artemesia Annua plant. African ginger has been traditionally used for malaria in Africa for centuries. Read the article The combined antimalarial activity of both Artemesia annua and African ginger are harnessed in each capsule of Co-Immune.
  • What other measures can safeguard against Malaria?
    For peace of mind additional measure such as mosquito nets, protective clothing and natural mosquito lotions/sprays are recommended.
  • What should I do if I have a fever which may indicate Malaria?
    If while living in or after visiting a malaria area, you develop a fever, either on its own or together with any flu-like or digestive symptoms, it is important to urgently test for malaria and consult a health professional to assess the severity of infection and have appropriate laboratory tests.
  • Can Co-Immune be taken in addition to conventional malaria prevention (prophylaxis) and treatment?
    Yes. Conventional prevention is not always 100% effective and so Co-Immune can be an important support. Read the article Co-Immune has an important role if patients are taking conventional malaria treatment or while they are still getting to a health professional or waiting for test results. Read the article
  • Can Co-Immune help for COVID-19?
    Research has shown that Artemesia Annua interferes with the reproduction of the COVID-19 virus. German, Danish and American researchers have shown that Artemesia Annua may have an important role to play in the COVID-19 virus. Read the article Read the article Read the article
  • In the light of the current pandemic, what dose of Co-Immune should I use?"
    To reduce the risk of infection, 3 capsules can be taken twice daily. After high-risk exposure to infected persons or exposure to high risk environments (airports, public transport, etc), 4 capsules 3 times daily. If showing symptoms of possible COVID-19 infection, increase to 6 capsules three (3) times daily.
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  • Does Co-Immune improve diabetic symptoms?
    Co-Immune can improve blood sugar levels as well as symptoms of diabetes. Read the article
  • What dose should I use to improve my blood sugar levels and diabetic symptoms?
    Diabetic adults should take 6 capsules twice daily for 3 weeks. Thereafter reduce the dose to 3 capsules twice daily. To enhance absorption, Co-Immune should be taken with high-fat food or drinks such as milk.
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